EEG Hat S1 for Sintered bridge Electrodes

EEG Haube S1

EEG Hat S1 for Sintered bridge Electrodes


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Use of sintered electrodes requires a hose strap hood such as this one.

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Use of sintered electrodes requires a hose strap hood such as this one.
The EEG Hat S1 consists of a grid that has two 6mm Ø PVC- longitudinal and 6 3.2 mm Ø silicone- transverse- hoses.The two thicker PVC- longitudinal hoses can be moved transversely. The electrodes are clamped under the silicone-transverse-hoses. The chin straps (perforated rubber band, 2 cm thick and 40 cm long) are each fastened to one PVC- pin on the large, teardrop-shaped ear pieces (71 x 50 mm).

Constituent parts
2x transparent PVC-longitudal hoses 6 mm Ø, perforated
6x silicone transverse-hose 3 mm Ø, pointed ends
2x Rubber-ear-pieces,tear-drop shaped, 71×50 mm, perforated
2x PVC-contact pin
1x Rubber- chin straps 20 x 400 mm, perforated centrically

  •  High-quality universal hood, fit for most head sizes
  •  The most commonly used hood in Germany
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Tested medical product

EEG Hat S1 – Size S (yellow) – suitable for children between 6 and 16 years of age.
EEG Hat S1 – Size M (red) – suitable for 95% of all adults.
EEG Hat S1 – Size L (blue) – suitable for adults with a larger head-circumference

Please indicate the desired size at the time of order!

Advantages: tubular band cap for sintering electrodes

The S1 EEG Hat is a tested medical device, which was developed especially for working with sinter electrodes. For EEG measurement, the tubular band cap offers a variety of advantages and it has proven over time to be an extremely useful tool in the neuro- and biofeedback field. A major advantage of the S1 hat for sintered electrodes is that it is available in three different sizes, thus it can be adapted to any head size and provides an optimal fit and maximum wearing comfort. The perfect fit of the S1 EEG Hat ensures optimal signal quality and minimizes possible interference during an EEG measurement.

As a tested medical device, this tubular band hood thus also complies with all relevant safety requirements. The hat has been tested several times and has been certified by an external, independent body. This ensures its reliability and safety during use. This is of immense importance as the hat is in direct contact with the head of the training participants and therefore should not endanger the health of the training participants.

Moreover, the handling of this EEG Hat is particularly simple and straightforward. It can be easily put on and taken off, which makes the application enormously fast. But also the sinter electrodes are precisely positioned at the right places on the head. This makes EEG measurement more effective and comfortable. The S1 tubular band cap is compatible with all common EEG machines and it can be seamlessly integrated into neuro- and biofeedback training.


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