Neurofeedback devices

Neurofeedback is a scientifically based method used worldwide to measure and improve brain activity. The computer-aided neurofeedback trains various functions of the human brain. This takes place on the basis of the electrical brain activity measurable in the EEG (electroencephalogram). Neurofeedback devices are able to recognize deviations from target frequency bands or correspondences with a set training goal in real time and to display them visually or acoustically.

With a neurofeedback device it is astonishing how quickly the test persons can influence their state of consciousness in order to achieve a training goal. This is also called self-regulation.

Since neurofeedback training always works with rewards for achieved goals, the test person can choose the type of reward himself in the form of a certain melody, a video clip or a game scenario. There are a variety of suitable options with a neurofeedback device. For example, in a computer game scenario, a parameter can be changed in such a way that the test person can follow his or her training success.
Towards the end of the training, the intervals between the sessions are increased in order to test the stability of the goals achieved. If the achieved training results prove to be stable, the training can be ended. This is how long-term success can be achieved with a neurofeedback device.

The MindMaster Neuro series is used for pure neurofeedback. The Mindmaster BioNeuro series combines the functionality of biofeedback and neurofeedback.

The MindMaster Neuro 4 is a proven and inexpensive neurofeedback device that cannot be upgraded to other devices in the MindMaster series. All other MindMaster devices can be upgraded if necessary.

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