MindMaster BioNeuro 9 | Professional Neurofeedback Equipment

MindMaster BioNeuro 9 Neurofeedback Gerät für Praxis

MindMaster BioNeuro 9 | Professional Neurofeedback Equipment


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Combined biofeedback and neurofeedback system with 6-channel EEG, 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA), temperature, respiration and pulse. Incl. accessories and software.




Delivery contents: Mindmaster BioNeuro 9 Professional Neurofeedback Equipment

Combined biofeedback and neurofeedback system with 6-channel EEG, 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA), temperature, respiration and pulse. Incl. accessories and software. With the MindMaster BioNeuro 9 you get a multifunctional device for neurofeedback and biofeedback. This professional neurofeedback equipment enables you to carry out all common neurofeedback trainings and also do biofeedback training with your participants. All the important accessories you need for your training are included in the scope of delivery. Electrodes, sensors, cables, liquids, etc. Get the unique EEG device from Mindfield with a variety of additional functions now.


  •  MindMaster BioNeuro 9 device in case
  •  USB cable
  •  EEG hood S1 for sintered bridge electrodes
  •  EEG headband for attachment of sintered electrodes
  •  8 EXG cables for EMG incl. snap adapter, 1.8m
  •  2 DRL cables for EMG incl. snap adapter, 1.8m
  •  EMG single-use adhesive electrodes, 50 pieces
  •  1 EDA cable with 2 snap ends, 1.8m
  •  EDA gel-electrodes, 3 pieces incl. 99 adhesive rings
  •  EDA electrode gel, 113g
  •  EDA velcro electrodes, 10 pieces
  •  Temperature sensor, 1.8m, incl. Leukosilk
  •  Innovative Temperaturesensor Fingerclip from 3D printer
  •  Pulse sensor, hard-tip, for adults, 90cm
  •  1 Respiration belt for thorax or abdomen
  •  Respiration belt adapter
  •  6 Sintered bridge electrodes (10 mm Ø)
  •  2 Eintered ear electrodes with 2mm socket
  •  1 Sintered ground electrode (DRL) + arm band
  •  Electrode covers 25 mm Ø, 50 pieces
  •  Assembly cone for sintered electrode covers + 50 rubber rings
  •  Isotonic saline solution, 1000ml, incl. spray bottle
  •  OneStep, abrasive cream & electrode gel in one, 120g
  •  Cotton swabs, 50 pieces, large tip
  •  Isopropyl alcohol 70%, 100ml
  • Biofeedback performance software
  •  1 Biofeedback software module of choice
  •  Neurofeedback Basic software & Neurofeedback Performance software
  •  1 Neurofeedback software module of choice
  • 4 Biofeedback templates
  • 4 Neurofeedback templates
  •  Printed instruction manuals
  •  Software on USB Stick

MindMaster BioNeuro 9 EEG Device | Professional Neurofeedback Equipment

The MinMaster BioNeuro 9 is a 6-channel EEG device, so brain activity is measured over up to 6 different locations on the head. Beside 6-channel monitoring and standard tests we also include a variety of one and two channel neurofeedback training protocols.

Based on the EEG recordings, different states of the brain can be evaluated and thus a specific neurofeedback training can be designed. This training aims to detect imbalances. The EEG recordings are evaluated by a trained coach who then initiates further steps together with the participant.

An EEG device with 6 channels is definitely professional neurofeedback equipment for practical use as it includes a Mini QEEG assessment and many ways of electrode placement.

MindMaster BioNeuro 9 | EMG Functions & HRV

But with the MindMaster BioNeuro 9 you can also all existing biofeedback parameters. The state-of-the-art device offers you the option of integrating biofeedback with an extra software in various ways. You can select from several modules before purchase. You can choose between the following biofeedback methods:

  • Module for measuring heart rate variability
  • Module for EMG training
  • Module for EMG testing

In addition to these modules you also have several training screens always included, like 1-channel EMG training, 2-channel EMG training, skin conductance training, skin temperature training, pulse & HRV training and more.

The HRV module measures the heart rate variability; the higher this is, the better the body can compensate for stress. These values can be measured and optimised with the MindMaster BioNeuro 9.

Advantages MindMaster BioNeuro 9 | Professional Neurofeedback Equipment

The MindMaster BioNeuro 9 neurofeedback device is specially designed for use in practices. This device offers you a multitude of advantages in terms of measuring brain performance and body parameters.

The practical orientation is one of the most important advantages. The extensive functions and integrations of the device make it an ideal tool for trained professional. The electrodes are connected to the head via 6 channels, which allows for a very detailed analysis of brainwave patterns.

Furthermore, you can do biofeedback as well as neurofeedback with this device. The several integrated biofeedback parameters are a useful extension, so that the neurofeedback training can be expanded with other important body signals. This gives you the possibility to measure cognitive signals as well as physiological signals. The synergy effects between neurofeedback and biofeedback can make the training particularly effective.

The training participant can thus learn to overcome his cognitive dysfunctions and then, in the next step, also analyse and thus combat his physical stress symptoms. The optimisation of body and mind at the same time is probably the biggest advantage of the MindMaster BioNeuro 9 compared to other devices in this field.

The advanced software and the various application possibilities make this device an indispensable tool in the field of neurofeedback and biofeedback. You will receive professional neurofeedback equipment with which you can offer your training participants tremendous added value!


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