Caps, Headbands



Relaxation CDs


In this category you will find hardware accessories and supplies for our devices. These are all consistently high-quality articles, many of which were developed especially for our MindMaster Devices.

The sensors and cables fit our MindMaster Devices that are equipped for the respective use. You can find an overview of the possible equipments here.

The hoods, caps, and headbands are used for Neurofeedback with our MindMaster Neuro or MindMaster BioNeuro devices. They provide reliable and exact leads of EEG signals from the scalp.

In the electrode category you will find various special electrodes for Biofeedback and Neurofeedack. Additionally, you can find replacement electrodes for our eSense home devices.

We carry supplies needed for daily use in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback such as creams, solutions, and electrode covers.

Under “Others”, you will find batteries for your MindMaster Device and the corresponding charger, a numerical USB keypad, Bluetooth dongles, and licenses for our Biofeedback Performance & Neurofeedback Basic / Performance software.