Pulse Oximeter Sensor (Adult), Cable length 90cm

Pulsoximeter Sensor für den Finger

Pulse Oximeter Sensor (Adult), Cable length 90cm


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This pulse oximeter sensor consists of a plastic finger clip with silicone wings to sheild against light intrusion from the sides.



Pulse Oximeter Sensor Product Attributes

This pulse oximeter sensor consists of a plastic finger clip with silicone wings for shielding from lateral light incidence. It detects the pulse by optical measurement (fluoroscopy of the skin). It is a certified medical device. The cable length of the sensor is 90 cm, which ensures a certain freedom of movement. The cable is long enough so that it does not tighten at every opportunity, or even break off from the pulse oximeter, during a hectic movement. Likewise, the cable is very flexible and bendable, making it very durable. The plastic finger clip holds very well on the index finger without pinching it or causing an uncomfortable feeling. The pulse oximeter sensor records the respective readings very accurately and reliably transmits them to the connected device. The two silicone wings on the sides prevent unwanted incidence of light, which could distort the readings. Get the high-quality pulse oximeter sensor for the finger from the Mindfield store now and reliably measure the pulse and arterial oxygen saturation of your training participants.

  •  one high-quality finger clip pulse sensor for adults
  •  90cm length
  •  certified medical product
  • compatible with all MindMaster devices, beside Neuro 4


The finger pulse sensor offers numerous advantages for monitoring oxygen saturation and pulse in adults. We have summarized the most important advantages for you in the following points:

  • Ease of use: the finger sensor is very user-friendly, even those without medical expertise can intuitively place this sensor on the exerciser’s finger. The finger recess of the clip provides a perfect grip regardless of the finger size and thus also reliable measurement results.
  • Effective measurement: The pulse is precisely measured by this sensor. The built-in technology in the sensor is state of the art and provides accurate measurement results.
  • Size and portability: The finger sensor is very light and compact and thus fits in any pocket.
  • Plastic material and light shielding: The outer material of the pulse oximeter sensor is made of plastic and is therefore opaque. External light sources are thus not able to negatively influence the measurement. For additional protection from the light, there are also two silicone wings on the side. Furthermore, the material is easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

Order the pulse oximeter sensor now and benefit from the above advantages with every measurement.