Pulse sensor for temple and finger

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This pulse sensor consists of two silicone ends, which are attached to a form under a forehead band.



Pulse Sensor Temple Sensor Product Features

This pulse sensor for the temple consists of two silicone ends, which are placed in a mold under a headband. In this case, the sensor ends are placed over the temporal artery in order to detect its elongation state. The sensor can also take a measurement on the fingers by means of a finger band, so this device can be used in a variety of ways. Pulse measurement has never been so easy, the sensor for the temple and for the fingers can be used by both children and adults. Order the sensor now, the scope of delivery includes the finger band and the headband.

  •  one high-quality pulse sensor for adults and children with forehead band
  •  300cm length
  •  with finger band (can also be used for measurement on the finger)
  •  certified medical product
  • compatible with all MindMaster devices, beside Neuro 4
  • The readings are often used for vasoconstriction and dilation training.


A pulse sensor is a very useful device and is used in various fields. The following advantages offer a sensor for the temple and the fingers:

  • Easy to use: the sensor is small and handy, so it can be attached to the fingers, or to the temple of the training participant quite uncomplicated. The supplied utensils (finger band and headband) fix the sensor exactly in the right place for the measurement. Attaching the sensor is very quick and not uncomfortable for the training participants.
  • Precise measurement results: The pulse sensor provides precise and accurate information about the heartbeat. Positioning it on the temple, or on the fingers allows the pulse to be recorded without interference. Measurement errors are significantly reduced and the measured values obtained are very meaningful. The readings are often used for vasoconstriction and dilation training.

Order your sensor now and benefit from the above mentioned advantages!