High-End Breathing Belt (Reusable) for Thorax or Abdomen, adjustable size, incl. transponder and cable


This respiration belt meets the highest expectations; the technology comes from the sleep lab.

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    Breathing Belt Product Features

    This respiration belt meets the highest expectations; the technology comes from the sleep lab. The breathing belt can be used by both adults and children. Included in the delivery are of course all cables and transponders so that you can connect the breathing belt with your biofeedback device. With this product nothing stands in the way of professional breath measurement (biofeedback) and breath training. Order the respiration belt now and start your individual respiratory feedback.

    •  one high-end respiration belt, reusable
    •  adjustable length, suitable for children and adults
    •  certified medical product
    • compatible with all MindMaster devices, beside Neuro 4

    Please indicate at the time of order whether you would like the thorax or abdomen belt.

    Advantages for biofeedback training

    A respiratory belt brings many advantages for respiratory feedback. In the following paragraphs you will find a detailed list of the advantages:

    • Accurate measurement of respiratory rate and depth: the respiratory belt allows accurate measurement of respiratory rate and depth, thus training participants gain valuable insight into their respiratory behavior. Based on this data, personalized breathing training can be created to eliminate deficits in breathing and thus optimize breathing patterns.
    • Optimization of breathing techniques: Instant biofeedback from the breathing belt allows training participants to directly identify which breathing techniques are beneficial to your body and which are not. This allows the most appropriate breathing patterns and rhythms to be adapted so that training goals are achieved quickly and effectively.
    • Becoming aware of breathing: By wearing the breathing belt, training participants become much more aware of your breathing. Not only does the visual and auditory feedback enhance awareness, but so does the physical feedback from the breathing belt. This is because it is strapped either around the chest, or around the abdomen. With different breathing techniques, you can feel the expansion of the belt very well. In combination with the visual and auditory biofeedback, this leads to a particularly strong perception of one’s own body and breathing rate.
    • Recognize progress: The modern technology of the respiration belt including transponder ensures optimal breath measurements with all necessary parameters. Success can be measured by the positive change in breathing rate, breathing depth and other relevant parameters.

    This breathing belt is the ideal tool for biofeedback training with regard to breathing parameters. The precise measurement results, the solid design and the versatile application possibilities make this product an indispensable helper for every professional biofeedback trainer or biofeedback training participant.

    What breathing parameters does the breathing belt measure?

    The breathing belt from the Mindfield store measures the following breathing parameters:

    • RA Breathing Amplitude: This measures the depth of breathing. The deeper the breaths, the more air enters the lungs. Deep breaths stimulate the metabolism and transport more oxygen into the blood. Therefore, the focus of breathing exercises is to acquire deep breaths. The RA breathing amplitude is the perfect parameter for this.
    • Breathing rate: Breathing rate reflects the number of breaths within a certain period of time. Breathing rate has different guidelines when measured during sleep than when measured during wakefulness. Breathing rates that are too high or too low are not optimal for the human body. In such cases, the rate can be specifically trained using biofeedback.


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