EEG Headband for attachment of Sintered Electrodes for Adults

EEG Headband

EEG Headband for attachment of Sintered Electrodes for Adults


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The EEG headband is made of PLA. It is – like a normal headband – placed on a person’s head.

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Mindfield EEG Headband

The EEG headband is made of PLA. It is – like a normal headband – placed on a person’s head. It thus serves to hold various kinds of electrodes to the head in fixed positions (International 10-20 System) during an EEG measurement. Using elastic electode mountings, you can use many kinds of EEG electodes in combination with this headband. This accessory is ideal for professional use. It allows the electrodes to be perfectly positioned on the head for precise measurement. This special EEG accessory for the head is very comfortable to wear and still ensures a very good grip for the measurement. Get the EEG headband now and benefit from highly sophisticated EEG accessories. Your training participants will thank you and your neurofeedback training will be much more pleasant.

The bores of the electode mounts fit the sintered bridge electrodes we offer.

The delivery contents consist of one headband and three electrode mounts.


The EEG accessories from Mindfield offer several advantages, especially in terms of wearing comfort and quick application, the Headband is very useful for professional use. The product is very well thought-out and years of experience from the neurofeedback and biofeedback industry have gone into the development.

The following advantages are offered by the innovative EEG headband for your EEG feedback:

  • Fast attachment to the head: Unlike an EEG hat, this EEG accessory for the head can be put on very quickly. Here there are no tubes that have to be pulled over the head and possibly cause an uncomfortable feeling on the scalp. The EEG headband is simply placed on the head from above, which is very quick and uncomplicated. Then the sinter electrodes can be attached to the appropriate places and the measurement can begin.
  • One size fits all for adults: This accessory for the head is only available in one size for adults, this one size fits all in almost all cases on different head sizes of adult training participants, because the hairband for the EEG feedback is flexible. Similar to a traditional headband, the Mindfield headband can stretch when placed on the head. This allows it to fit almost all head shapes and sizes and provides a comfortable fit.
  • Robust material and durability: The headband for an EEG measurement is made of PLA (plastic), which makes this product very robust and durable. The PVC tubes in a conventional EEG cap can wear out, or even tear sometimes. The headband, on the other hand, always keeps its shape and shows little to no signs of wear. This makes this product sustainable and can be used for a very long time.

Order now the unique Mindfield headband for attaching electrodes to the head and enjoy all the advantages listed above when using it!


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