Ring Electrodes with 2mm Socket (for SCP Training)


Ring Electrodes with 2mm Socket (for SCP Training)


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High-quality, sintered 10 mm Ø surface electrodes with 5 cm cable and 2 mm socket for attachment to a 2mm spring cotter pin.

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Ring Electrode Specifications

High-quality, sintered ring electrodes with 5 cm cable and 2 mm socket for attachment to a 2mm spring cotter pin.
These kinds of electrodes are particularly well-suited for training derivation of the slow cortical potentials (SCP), as they cannot be polarized by the silver/silver chloride surface, and thus the “self-drift” is minimized.
To use these electrodes, you need our cable set for sintered bridge electrodes and an adhesive paste (we recommend Ten 20!).  The surface electrode’s cable is very short.

  •  High-quality, sintered ring electrode
  •  Easy to clean with lukewarm watter, immediately after use
  •  Tested for biological tolerance
  •  Medically tested

Order now in the Mindfield store the high-quality ring electrodes for a successful neurofeedback training. Here you get a product that is easy to clean and has also been medically tested. Thus, these electrodes are ideal for professional EEG measurement.


Ring electrodes offer a variety of advantages for electroenzelography and neurofeedback training. This is because these electrodes are specifically designed for precise measurement to provide the best results.

In the following paragraphs we will explain you in detail about the advantages of ring electrodes:

  • Sintered material: Ring electrodes are made of sintered material, which gives them a robust structure. This makes them particularly resistant to shocks and external influences. They are incredibly durable, making them a sustainable purchase for any professional neurofeedback user.
  • Silver chloride surface: The surface of the ring electrodes are sealed with a silver chloride surface, resulting in excellent conductivity and improved signal pickup. This enables particularly precise measurement of brain waves.
  • Non-polarizing: The electrodes for an EEG measurement cannot polarize, thus they cannot cause any change in the electrical brain activity. The natural signal dynamics are preserved and an unaltered measurement result is guaranteed.

These electrodes are particularly suitable for reliable EEG measurement and neurofeedback training. You will receive accurate measurement data and a reliable basis for professional neurofeedback with this high-quality product.

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