EMG Electrodes Triodes, Single-use for children and adults, NOT pre-geled, 25 pieces


  •  sintered (Ag/AgCl) single-use EMG electrodes with three button snaps
  •  not pre-geled (no gel included)


EMG electrodes (Triodes)

These EMG electrodes are a medical device and thus specially manufactured for professional use. In one package there are 25 electrodes, these are intended for single use. The EMG electrodes are not pregelled, which means that they have to be gelled with a special gel before use. This product can be used for children and adults. The three push buttons provide a particularly solid hold and reliably transmit the electrical signals from the muscles to the EMG device. Secure the high-quality electrodes for electromyography with precise measurement results now.

  •  sintered (Ag/AgCl) single-use triode with three button snaps
  •  not pre-geled (no gel included)
  •  25 pieces
  •  high-quality medical product


These EMG electrodes with three sintered push buttons offer a variety of advantages for professional use. Here are the most important aspects listed in detail for you:

  • Disposable product: These electrodes have been manufactured as a disposable product. This means that all hygienic standards are met, as they can be disposed of after use. Thus, no germs and bacteria can be left behind to be transferred to the next training participant.
  • Three sintered push buttons: These electrodes have three sintered push buttons for secure attachment. The push buttons do an excellent job of transmitting the electrical signals to the EMG device and holding the electrodes firmly in place.
  • Medical Product: These push button electrodes are specifically designed for electromyography. They meet all strict quality standards and safety requirements. The processed materials are of very high quality, thus a precise measurement of the electrical muscle activities can be made.
  • Suitable for children and adults: These electrodes can be used for children and adults, thus they allow precise measurement of muscle activity in people of different ages. This flexible application makes them the ideal accessory.

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