TENS Electrodes with 2mm bush, Re-usable and self-adhesive. Four pieces with 50x50mm

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TENS Electrodes with 2mm bush, Re-usable and self-adhesive. Four pieces with 50x50mm


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  • 4 Pieces with 50x50mm
  • Pre-geled
  • Re-usable, self-adhesive
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TENS electrodes features

These TENS electrodes can be used for all devices with standard 2mm plug (whether spring-loaded or unspring-loaded), including all MindMaster devices. Thus, the adhesive electrodes can be used for various devices. The TENS electrodes from the Mindfield store are a medical product. Likewise, the electrodes are latex-free, so they can also be used by people with a latex allergy without any problems. The electrodes are very skin-friendly, the adhesive layer provides good hold during use and does not cause any pain during removal.

  • Recommended for TENS, EMS, NMS
  • Short cable with 2mm bush
  • 50mmx50mm
  • Pre-geled
  • Latex-free
  • 4 Pieces
  • high-quality medical product

Get now the high quality electrodes from Mindfield store for effective electrotherapy. These electrodes can be used not only for TENS devices, but also for EMS devices.

Advantages of the self-adhesive TENS electrodes

TENS electrodes offer numerous advantages for various applications. They can be used for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, but they are also used for neuromuscular stimulation and electrical muscle stimulation. These electrodes are a true all-in-one product and super flexible in daily use.

A big advantage is the reusability of the electrodes, compared to disposable electrodes they can be used several times, this makes this product very economical and sustainable. After an electrotherapy session, the electrode surfaces can be easily cleaned and prepared for the next use.

Another plus point is the self-adhesive function of this product, the TENS electrodes do not need to be coated with adhesive for use, they can simply be applied to the skin and stick there by themselves. This allows for quick and convenient application, without much preparation time, saving you an enormous amount of time in everyday life. Despite the quick application to the desired body part, the self-adhesive electrodes ensure reliable and effective stimulation.

Various applications

These adhesive electrodes can be used for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, here the electrodes conduct stimulation current pulses into the desired body part so that blood circulation is improved and the nerve fibers are stimulated. This can relieve tension in the muscles, but also curb joint pain.

But the electrodes are also used in neuromuscular stimulation. They transmit electrical impulses in such a way that the function of the nerve-muscle system is improved. This can increase muscle strength and improve muscle tone. Neuromuscular stimulation can prevent muscle atrophy that occurs as a result of disuse, for example, prolonged bed confinement.

TENS electrode placement

TENS electrode placement varies depending on the body region being treated, so no blanket statement can be made about how to properly place the self-adhesive electrodes. In the following paragraphs, general advice is given so that the electrodes can be placed correctly.

Clean the skin thoroughly, remove creams, or other cosmetics.
Check the electrodes for dirt, or damage.
Place the TENS electrodes in the area of the body to be treated along the important nerve pathways and muscles.
Make sure that the electrodes have no wrinkles or air bubbles when you stick them to the skin.
The adhesive electrodes should then cover the desired area and have sufficient contact with the skin.

These general tips for TENS electrode placement will help you deliver successful electrotherapy.




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