Electrode Contact Spray, 50ml

Electrode Contact Spray, 50ml


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Use this electrode contact spray with eSense Pulse or other electrodes.

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Electrode contact spray product features

Electrode contact spray to use with ECG, EMG and EEG electrodes. The spray from the Mindfield store enables an improved transmission of the electrical signals to the connected device. This ensures a better measurement, the obtained measurement data can be used for biofeedback and neurofeedback training. Get the electrode spray now and improve the electrical conductivity of your electrodes and thus ensure better measurement results.

  • for short-term and long-term use
  • highest conductivity
  • skin-friendly, not greasy
  • without formaldehyde
  • acts bactericidal


The spray offers numerous advantages for improving electrical conductivity during neurofeedback and biofeedback training. In the following points we have clearly listed the advantages for you:

  • Improvement of conductivity: the spray optimizes the electrical conductivity between the skin and the glued electrodes, as it removes impurities, sweat and grease. This improves the electrical conductivity and the measurement results become more precise.
  • Skin-friendly: The electrode contact spray leaves no greasy residues on the skin, and is also extremely skin-friendly, causing no redness or other skin irritations. This is particularly advantageous for long-term measurements.
  • Germicidal: The germicidal effect is also of great advantage, especially in professional use. Reusable electrodes are therefore also disinfected at the same time as each application. This ensures that hygiene standards are met.

In summary, the electrode spray offers several advantages in terms of, use, hygiene and ease of use. Conductivity is improved, making neurofeedback and biofeedback training more effective.


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