MindMaster Neuro 9 Professional Set | EEG Device

EEG Gerät MindMaster Neuro 9

MindMaster Neuro 9 Professional Set | EEG Device


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Neurofeedback system with 6-channel EEG, incl. accessories and software. Optional Biofeedback parameters possible.



Scope of delivery: MindMaster Neuro 9 EEG device

Neurofeedback system with 6-channel EEG, incl. accessories and software. Optional Biofeedback parameters possible. The MindMaster Neuro 9 is an EEG device that already includes all the extras. You do not need to make any additional purchases, all the important utensils are included in the scope of delivery so that you can start your neurofeedback training straight away. You will receive an EEG bonnet with the necessary bridge electrodes, and all cables are also included in the delivery. The neurofeedback software for using the EEG device is also supplied on a USB stick, and of course the delivery also includes a detailed manual describing all the important functions of the device and software.


  • MindMaster Neuro 9 device in case
  • USB cable
  • EEG hood S1 for sintered bridge electrodes
  • EEG headband for attachment of sintered electrodes
  • 8 EXG cable for EEG, 1.8m
  • 2 DRL cables for EEG, 1.8m
  • 6 Sintered bridge electrodes (10 mm Ø)
  • 2 Sintered ear electrodes with 2mm socket
  • 1 Sintered ground electrode (DRL) + arm band
  • Electode covers, 25 mm Ø, 50 pieces
  • Assembly cone for sintered electrode covers + 50 rubber rings
  • Isotonic saline solution, 1000 ml, incl. spray bottle
  • OneStep, abrasive cream & Electrode gel in one, 120g
  • Cotton swabs, 50 pieces, large tip
  • Neurofeedback Basic software & Neurofeedback Performance software
  • 1 Neurofeedback software module of choice
  • 4 Biofeedback templates
  • Printed instruction manuals
  • Software on USB Stick

MindMaster Neuro 9 – Developed for therapists

The MindMaster Neuro 9 is an EEG device with 6 channels, which makes it ideal for neurofeedback practices, but the MindMaster Neuro 9 is also used in research institutions and universities. The modern software leaves nothing to be desired, the visualisations of the brain waves are very easily displayed and can be analysed in seconds. The metrics are neatly visualised in the interface with different colours, so you can easily detect abnormalities in the brain waves and design the right training steps for your neurofeeback training participants. The software provides a huge variety of training screens with many visual, auditive and even tactile feedback options.

Advantages: MindMaster Neuro 9 | EEG device

The MindMaster Neuro 9 is a state-of-the-art EEG device with many advantages for professional use. The device’s targeted and precise analysis of brain activity can be used in various fields. A great advantage of the device is that the different types of brain waves can be measured. Each brain wave has its own frequency range, which is associated with a specific mental state.

The following brainwave types can be detected by the MindMaster Neuro 9:

  • Alpha waves: These measure the state of relaxation and calm.
  • Beta waves: This registers mental alertness and concentration.
  • Theta waves: These symbolise fatigue of the brain.
  • Delta waves: The brain is in deep sleep.

The MindMaster Neuro 9 can measure all of these brainwaves, giving a better understanding of the mental state of the brain and the person’s mental capacity. This knowledge can be used effectively to reduce stress or to combat concentration problems. But also the quality of sleep can be sustainably optimised. Trained advisors can offer an enormous added value for the subject with this device, as they gain a detailed insight into the personal weak points of the respective brain. Thus, an individually tailored neurofeedback training can be designed for the respective person.

All in all, the MindMaster Neuro 9 EEG device is a valuable tool with a wide range of applications for all professionals working in brain research. The compact design and the robust software round off the overall package. Get the MindMaster Neuro 9 now and get started in neurofeedback training!



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