MindMaster Neuro 4 Professional Set | Neurofeedback EEG

MindMaster Neuro 4 Neurofeedback EEG

MindMaster Neuro 4 Professional Set | Neurofeedback EEG


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Neurofeedback system with 2-channel EEG, incl. accessories and software. This device is not based on the modular MindMaster device platform and is not upgradeable.


MindMaster Neuro 4 Details & scope of delivery

Neurofeedback system with 2-channel EEG, incl. accessories and software. This device is not based on the modular MindMaster device platform and is not upgradeable but it offers a very reliable 2 channel EEG with hundreds of reference users and is our most affordable way to implement neurofeedback in a practice. Buy the neurofeedback device from Mindfield now and benefit from high quality. This neurofeedback device is ideal for any advisor who wants to offers neurofeedback training. Get reliable neurofeedback from an EEG device for professional use.

When you buy the neurofeedback device, you no longer have to worry about additional utensils. The MindMaster Neuro 4 comes with all the important items you need to start neurofeedback training right away. Both the EEG bonnet and all the necessary electrodes, cables and pastes are included in the delivery. Of course, you will also receive an instruction manual so that you can familiarise yourself with the device before using it.


  • MindMaster Neuro 4 device in case
  • USB cable, shielded with ferrite cores, 1.5m
  • EEG hood S1 for sintered bridge electrodes
  • EEG headband for attachment of sintered electrodes
  • 5 shielded sintered electrode cables mit cable cover
  • 4 Sintered bridge electrodes (10 mm Ø)
  • 2 Sintered ear electrodes with 2mm socket
  • 1 Sintered Ground Electrode (DRL) + arm band
  • Electrode covers, 25 mm Ø, 50 pieces
  • Assembly cone for sintered electrode covers + 50 rubber rings
  • Isotonic saline solution, 1000ml, incl. spray bottle
  • OneStep, abrasive cream & electrode gel in one, 120g
  • Cotton swabs, 50 pieces, large tip
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%, 100ml
  • Neurofeedback Basic software & Neurofeedback Performance software
  • 4 Biofeedback templates
  • Printed instruction manuals
  • Software on USB Stick


Neurofeedback EEG

Neurofeedback is an effective method to train brain performance and determine the state of brain functions. Neurofeedback through an electroencephalogram measures the electrical activity in the brain and displays it through visualisations, or auditory stimuli. This allows people to learn to understand their brainwave patterns and thus actively influence them. This enables targeted training to strengthen certain brainwaves, or to curb unwanted brainwaves.

EEG neurofeedback is particularly needed for various cognitive problems. Many training participants have managed to improve their concentration through such training and thus become more efficient. Electrodes are placed on the head during training and the electrical activity in the brain is then measured. The advisor then gives instructions on how to positively amplify the desired brain waves. These exercises are then repeated until a lasting positive change in brain function has occurred. Neurofeedback through an EEG is thus incredibly individual, as the body’s own reactions are used as the foundation for the training.

Advantages MindMaster Neuro 4

If you want to buy a neurofeedback device with numerous advantages, then the MindMaster Neuro 4 is exactly the right model for you! The MindMaster Neuro 4 is particularly suitable for use in a professional environment, making it the right choice for neurofeedback professionals. With this device you get real-time neurofeedback displayed, so you can quickly and precisely create an individual neurofeedback training plan for your training participants to increase their cognitive performance or to eliminate unwanted mental states.

In addition to real-time neurofeedback, the compact design and user-friendliness is another advantage. The MindMaster Neuro 4 is not a large and heavy device, it can be carried and transported in a special case with only one hand, so home visits to your training participants are also possible. In addition, the interface of the modern software is very easy to use and both the visualisations and the auditory signals are clear to read and understand. The combination of compact design and modern software allows you to guarantee consistent training quality for your trainees without sacrificing quality due to software problems or complicated handling. Buy your Mindfield neurofeedback device now and improve the quality of life of your trainees!


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