MindMaster Neuro 11 Professional Set | Neurofeedback Training

MindMaster Neuro 11 Professional Set | Neurofeedback Training


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Neurofeedbacksystem with 6-channel  EEG & SCP Training, incl. accessories and software. Optional biofeedback parameters possible.



Scope of delivery MindMaster Neuro 11 (neurofeedback device)

Neurofeedbacksystem with 6-channel  EEG & SCP Training, incl. accessories and software. Optional biofeedback parameters possible. With the MindMaster Neuro 11 you acquire a modern neurofeedback device for professional use. You can start training immediately, and there are no additional costs for you, because the scope of delivery includes all the important utensils that you need for neurofeedback training. Of course, the neurofeedback software is also included in the price. The software is stored on a USB stick, which you only need to install on your PC before you can start using the modern EEG device. Order the MindMaster Neuro 11 now and get the neurofeedback device with all the extras for professional neurofeedback training!

  • MindMaster Neuro 11 device in case
  • USB cable
  • EEG hood S1 for sintered electrodes
  • EEG headband for attachment of sintered electrodes
  • 8 EXG cables for EMG incl. snap adapter, 1.8m
  • 2 DRL cables for EMG incl. snap adapter, 1.8m
  • 6 Sintered bridge electrodes (10 mm Ø)
  • 2 Sintered ear electrodes with 2mm socket
  • 1 Sintered Ground Electrode (DRL) + arm band
  • Electrode covers, 25 mm Ø, 50 pieces
  • Assembly cone for sintered electrode covers + 50 rubber rings
  • Isotonic saline solution, 1000 ml, incl. spray bottle
  • OneStep, abrasive  cream & electrode gel in one, 120g
  • Cotton swabs, 50 pieces, large tip
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%, 100ml
  • Neurofeedback Basic software & Neurofeedback Performance software
  • 2 Neurofeedback software modules of choice
  • 4 Biofeedback templates
  • Printed instruction manuals
  • Software on USB Stick

Neurofeedback training with the MindMaster Neuro 11

The MindMaster Neuro 11 is one of the leading devices for effective neurofeedback training, with this device trainers can improve the mental performance of their training participants, but also curb mental problems. The device can be used in a variety of ways and is equipped with modern technology. The MindMaster Neuro 11 aims to measure and optimise brainwave activity. Through targeted neurofeedback training, the trainer can regulate and optimise brain performance. The MindMaster Neuro 11 supports this with its software and its modern and intuitive interface. The brain waves are visualised so that spikes and peculiarities can be recognised particularly well. Thus, the activities of the brain are converted into measurable metrics in real time and it is possible to react to the spikes.

The brain waves take place in different frequency ranges, here one distinguishes between alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. A strong imbalance between these waves can lead to concentration disorders and other mental problems. By measuring these brainwaves, a perfectly tuned neurofeedback training can be created to reduce the imbalance between the different brainwave patterns and thereby strengthen mental well-being and also improve the ability to concentrate. In addition, neurofeedback training can also help with stress reduction and anxiety management. The MindMaster Neuro 11 is a high-quality EEG device for next-generation neurofeedback training!

Advantages of MindMaster Neuro 11 for neurofeedback training

The MindMaster Neuro 11 is a state-of-the-art neurofeedback device for optimal neurofeedback training. The MindMaster Neuro 11 offers the following advantages:

  • Advanced software: The advanced software allows users to customise their neurofeedback training and track their progress. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows and can be easily installed.
  • Complete set: The MindMaster Neuro 11 is delivered to you with all the necessary utensils. All sensors for measuring brain activity, as well as electrodes and cables for connecting to the device are included in the delivery.
  • Expertise of the developers: The developers of the MindMaster Neuro 11 are true experts in the field of neurofeedback. The development of the Mindfield devices was therefore based on concentrated expertise, which has resulted in a qualitative and reliable product.
  • Flexibility and portability: The compact design allows users to use the device without restrictions in everyday life. Thus, it can also be easily taken along on home visits to clients.

Get the MindMaster Neuro 11 now – the premium device in the world of neurofeedback!


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