Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Exerciser


The Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Exerciser works remotely from a base unit – leaving no wires for complete freedom and mobility.

Pelvic floor exercisers are one of the most effective forms on continence management and provide a discreet, affordable and long-term solution for incontinence sufferers.

The Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Exerciser can provide relief from stress, urged and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual wellbeing.



The Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Exerciser uses Wi-Fi technology – controlling the vaginal trainer remotely from the main control unit – eliminating the need for wires and creating a more discreet user experience.


Key features of the Viva Pelvic Floor Exerciser include:

  • Wireless Vaginal Trainer – working remotely from the main control unit
  • Discreet – no wires ensure usage is completely hidden
  • Touch Screen – easy-to-use, modern, colour touch screen enabling quick access and control
  • Optional Programmes – 4 preset and 2 manual programmes for optimal choice
  • Personal Progress Diary – Built-in clock and detailed record of usage for progress reports
  • Optional PC Interface – to help you record and analyse your progress.
  • Comfort Control – gentle, comfortable stimulation with fine-tune adjustment settings for levels of intensity

The Viva provides relief from 3 forms of incontinence:

Stress Incontinence describes the involuntary leakage of urine when a person coughs, sneezes, strains or makes sudden movements. It is particularly common in women and occurs when the bladder neck and the other mechanisms that act to hold urine in the bladder are not working properly.

Urge Incontinence describes an overactive bladder. A person may experience a strong and sudden urge to go to the toilet but are not always able to hold on, or have to go so frequently that it becomes inconvenient.

Mixed Incontinence is a combination of both Stress and Urge Incontinence.

Advantages of using the Viva:

• It can reduce leakage – not simply contain it. Most women see significant results in as little as 3 weeks.
• It is drug-free with no side effects.
• It is safe and easy to use with preset programmes to suit your needs.
• It is discreet and can be used at home during your own time.
• It may help to avoid surgery
• It may improve sexual intimacy by toning your pelvic floor.

Please see ‘User Manuals’ for Technical Specifications.
Contraindications, Cautions and Warnings (Please carefully read the instructions before use)


Do NOT use the Viva pelvic floor exerciser under the following circumstances:
· If you have a heart pacemaker or a heart rhythm problem. Stimulation in the direct vicinity of a pacemaker may affect some models.
· If you are, or may be pregnant. It is not known whether electrical stimulation may affect foetal development.
· If you have been diagnosed or treated for cervical cancer. In vitro experiments have shown that electricity can promote cell growth.
· If you have or have had epilepsy. TENS may affect seizure threshold
· Do not use within 12 weeks of any surgery in the area of the vagina or nearby. Scars should be fully healed before use.


· Whilst driving, or during any activity in which involuntary muscle contractions may put you at undue risk of injury. Sudden changes in contact may cause brief involuntary muscle movements
· If you have a metal coil IUD fitted and experience any sharp discomfort during stimulation Strong electromagnetic fields (electrosurgery/microwave cookers/mobile phones) may affect the correct operation of this unit. If it appears to behave unusually, move it away from these devices.


 Before using the Viva pelvic floor exerciser please note the following warnings:
· Incontinence may have many causes. You should try to identify your type of incontinence and the cause before use.
· If you have a urinary infection or any skin irritations within the vagina, it is recommended not to use the stimulator.
· Care must be taken if you are not experiencing normal sensation or feeling in your vagina.
· If you suspect or have any form of prolapse you MUST consult your medical advisor before using the viva. (Exercise may help mild prolapse, but causing contractions may be inadvisable for severe prolapse).
· The Stainless Steel of the viva vaginal trainer contains 8% Nickel and 18% Chromium. Do not use the trainer if you are allergic to either of these metals.
NB: You may safely use the trainer during menstruation, although it may be a little less comfortable.


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