Inner Balance™ | Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth® (Pulse sensor incl. App)

Pulsmesser mit Bluetooth Inner Balance

Inner Balance™ | Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth® (Pulse sensor incl. App)


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We invite you to start a journey to improve the Inner Balance between your heart and mind.

On this journey you will gain improved well-being, vitality, clarity of thought, access to your heart’s intuition, and a more balanced response to stress.



Inner Balance™: Heart rate monitor with Bluetooth®

With the Inner Balance sensor you have your personal trainer for wellbeing and stress reduction at hand.

You will find out more about your inner self, learn to relax and to improve your mental ability to keep in balance.

For Android™ from version 7 (Samsung, Huawei, HTC etc.)
For iOS™ from version 13

The included Inner Balance app can be used with iPod touch®, iPhone® or iPad® with Lightning Connector.
Just plug the sensor into your device and apply it to your earlobe. Then you can start recording your hear rate.

Learn to improve your heart rate variability through different biofeedback pattern and improve your feelings and wellbeing. Get now the unique heart rate monitor with Bluetooth® for your smartphone, the pulse measurement has never been so fast and uncomplicated, without bulky measuring devices!


You will:

  • obtain specific training units to transform stress into even temper
  • create your own goals to achive a continious improvement over time
  • be able to have the full overview of all recorded sessions
  • see your personal development
  • use a dairy to keep record of emotions, feelings and results of sessions
  • Get real-time coaching – See your HRV and coherence level as you are gently coached through a session.


Scope of delivery: Inner Balance™ heart rate monitor with Bluetooth®

Here you get the Inner Balance heart rate monitor with Bluetooth® for your smartphone and the free app for your smartphone, with which you can record and measure your heart rate. Attach the heart rate monitor to your earlobe and then you can easily connect the heart rate monitor via Bluetooth® with your smartphone and start the app. Now nothing stands in the way of fast and accurate heart rate measurement. Everything is included in the scope of delivery so that you can get started with your measurement right away. Buy now quickly and easily via the Mindfield store!

Advantages: Inner Balance™

The smart heart rate monitor with Bluetooth® helps you to increase your heart health and well-being. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, the heart rate can be transmitted directly to your smartphone. This gives you valuable insights into your cardiovascular condition.

The following benefits are offered by Inner Balance’s heart rate monitor:

  • Real-time heart rate measurement: you can measure your heart rate in real time and even during your workout, or other activities. This allows you to complete your workout in the optimal frequency range to achieve the best results.
  • Ease of use: Thanks to the Bluetooth® connection, the Inner Balance can be connected to your smartphone within seconds and the measurement can be done easily. Cumbersome cable management is a thing of the past, enjoy all the benefits of wireless measurement.
  • Session Recording: Your measurements are all recorded, this gives you a very good overview of your past values. You can accurately track progress in your health based on your data history. In addition, you can also spot abnormalities more easily since you have the big picture to analyze.

Inner Balance is your wireless heart rate monitor with Bluetooth® interface, now easily track your heart health and reach a new level of heart health!


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