eSense – Home Devices

The productline Mindfield eSense is a series of Biofeedback devices which use Smartphones as main Feedback device. Many of the devices support Light feedback with a smart lightbulb. The main argument for these compact devices is their usability for Home users, they are controlled on the smartphone, allthough they offer advanced settings like a quality product should, they are fairly easy for startes with the presets.
The Mindfiend eSense are handy sensors specifically developed for the home use. All the Mindfield eSense are designed to reduce stress and to enhance relaxation via biofeedback. In order to use the eSense from home you don’t need any specific devices. Just a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) and our eSense App is enough.

Here is a summary of which eSense is right for you:

The eSense Pulse measures the pulse (heart rate variability). Choose our eSense Pulse for:

Racing heartbeat, chest tightness
Chronic generalized stress
Difficulties relaxing
Rapid shallow breathing
Low daily energy

The eSense Respiration measures the breathing. Choose our eSense Respiration for:

Fast shallow breathing
Train abdominal breathing
Balance breath cycle

The eSense Skin Response measures the skin conductance. Choose our eSense Skin Response for:

Sweaty hands
Anxious, distracted thoughts
Agitated mood
Low anger threshold
Poor Impulse Control

The eSense Temperature measures the skin temperature. Choose our eSense Temperature for:

Cold hands or feet
General stress and tension
Poor circulation
Blood pressure fluctuations
Increase depth of meditation

The eSense Muscle measure and train electromyographic muscle activity. Choose our eSense Muscle for:

Training of your muscles
Strengthening of your muscles
Relaxation of typical stress muscles (forehead, jaw, shoulder, neck)
Reduction of muscle tension
Coordination exercises
Muscle building

For professional users, we also offer the eSense as a set with additional accessories, an extended range of functions and individual advice.