Kubios HRV Scientific & Team Readiness

With Kubios HRV Scientific you can turn your ECG device or HR monitor into a powerful tool to probe the cardiovascular system or assess the impact of stress and recovery on heart health. Compatible with all our Mindfield MindMaster devices, the eSense Pulse and many others.

The gold standard in HRV analysis.

NEW: Kubios HRV Team Readiness, an advanced software for monitoring readiness based on heart rate variability (HRV). Designed for sports and wellness professionals guiding athletes or individuals through lifestyle interventions and occupational stress, this cutting-edge tool enhances coaching strategies with accurate HRV insights. Leveraging Kubios’ gold-standard HRV analysis, it enables the optimization of team performance and well-being. In addition to its application in sports and wellness, Kubios HRV Team Readiness is a valuable asset for research, offering researchers robust HRV data collection and analytics for their study populations.


Mindfield is the official German distributor for the Kubios HRV Scientific software. As a distributor, we offer the Kubios HRV Scientific software at the same price as Kubios, but also provide support & official German manual in German language.