Bruxane 2go


Intelligent Teeth Grinding Guard with Biofeedback for the Treatment and Protection of Teeth Grinding at Night, Wearing Time Approx. 2 Months) – Night Grinding Splints



General information about Bruxane 2go

bruXaneBiofeedback in a dental splint. As soon as the patient grinds with his teeth, a vibration and a buzzing sound is generated and makes the patient aware of his grinding and stops it.
bruXane uses the body´s ability to heal itself naturally. It is clinically proven to produce a quick and statistically significant reduction in bruxing activity (average 75%) and therefore reduction of global pain perception. In most cases the reductions are achieved after only a few nights. Up to 80% of the people suffer from bruxism and the suffering pressure is extremely high. bruXane helps in an user friendly and healthy manner.
bruXane offers two complementary products for the effective treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), both with a dual (vibration and sound) biofeedback system built into a dental splint.


Countries of Delivery:

At the moment  we deliver to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

bruXane 2go:

  • Standard “one-size-fits-all”
  • Quick pain relief without the need to wait for a custom-made splint
  • Two sensor pads trigger the biofeedback
  • Confirms whether the symptoms are caused by bruxing
  • Maximum 2 months of continuous use
  • To be sold directly to the patient by dealers, retail, eCommerce or dentists






The bruXane 2go may not be suitable for a few patients due to the following contraindications and possible side effects.

Did you know that, among other things, head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as tension throughout the body, can also be caused by teeth grinding? bruXane is a dental splint with biofeedback that interrupts the grinding irritation and can thus get rid of the consequential symptoms caused by bruxism in the long term.


bruXane dampens the resulting pressure on your teeth and subconsciously alerts you to teeth grinding with the vibration and the gentle buzzing sound. The vibration of the bite splint brings about a long-term learning effect: bruXane gives biofeedback and you unconsciously receive a signal to stop grinding your teeth – ideally without waking up.


Ready to use 

no waiting for individually made splints from the dentist. The bruXane dental splint can be directly inserted and used. The bruXane 2go can be worn on both the upper and lower jaw. It is made in a universal size and offers good wearing comfort for every set of teeth.


Better quality of life

With the teeth guard, you can finally sleep more restfully at night and thus show improved concentration and performance during the day.

Ideal for when you’re on the go – In the practical box, the bite splint can be taken anywhere with you, whether on holiday or travelling.


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