Tinké™ – pulse sensor for vitality measurement (HRV)


Tinké™ from Zensorium – pulse sensor for iOS and Android for heart rate variability (HRV)

The only tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability to determine your fitness and stress indices.

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The Tinké includes up-to-date sensor technology with in-house developed algorithms and measures heart- and breathing frequenzy, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability to assess the own fitness and condition.


Other than many competitors Tinké does not measure constantly but just records the current value. The highlight is the free App which collects all values and provides tips for a better “Vita” and“Zen” Index.


The App evaluates two different statements. The “Vita Index” which is a combination of pulse, breathing and blood oxygen saturation in relation to the gender and age. The “Zen Index” is an analysis of heart rate variability in relation to a control group as well. The app needs for evaluation some personal data and access to the internet over the smartphone.


The Tinké for iPhones is plugged in and is orderable for all iPhone and iPad with Lightning Connector. The Tinké for Android Smartphones is connectable via Bluetooth. Please specify your desired version in the order.


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