Biofeedback Devices

Here you can find our biofeedback devices. There are now a lot of suitable devices, some of which can transmit their data wirelessly via WLAN or Bluetooth to a display device, and some devices are now so inconspicuous that they can also be used during everyday life without any problems. You can buy a biofeedback device for professional use by trainers as well as for home use.

None of our sensory organs can directly measure the vegetative parameters such as blood pressure, skin resistance and others or give us feedback on whether the values are within the normal range. We do not know whether there is a need for action on our part to influence certain bodily functions in the sense of prevention. This is where a biofeedback device helps.

The MindMaster Bio Series is used for pure Biofeedback and can simultaneously measure a multitude of physiological signals such as muscle tension (EMG), heart rate, blood flow, respiration, skin conductance (EDA), and temperature.

The MindMaster BioNeuro Series unites the functionality of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.

The Mindfield skin temperature sensor is a small, convenient temperature sensor with USB connection and software on a USB stick. It is used for professional skin temperature biofeedback. Skin temperature feedback is mostly used for relaxation exercises – for example in hand-warming training.

The Mindfield eSenses are handy sensors for measuring skin conductance, skin temperature, pulse, respiration and muscles with your smartphone or tablet. Your skin conductance for example depends directly on your state of relaxation or stress, making it a commonly used and very precise stress indicator. With the eSense Skin Response, you can measure your stress level and effectively reduce it using Biofeedback Training. The eSense are particularly suitable for private users and home use and are characterized by a low entry price.

Further, carefully selected devices from other manufacturers complement our range.